Black & White Line Drawings

Quite often we receive requests for bitmap images to be redrawn into vector black and white line drawings. This is not a problem for us as probably 50% of the conversions we do are for images to be recreated into black and white vectors.

But it’s not always that clear what is required, as there can be many different ways of producing a black and white vector conversion. So to make things a little easier we’ve put together some examples below so customers can choose the style that they require.

Type 1


This type of graphic line drawing is often used for illustrations and diagrams.

Type 2

A solid filled style are also used for illustrations and logos. But also they are suitable for vinyl graphics, engraving and stickers. Similar to the silhouette style below but with more inside details.

Type 3


This is what we call a ‘silhouette’ style image. A  solid filled filled with no details or very little detail, can be used for illustrations, logos and vinyl stickers.