Logo Redraws & Vector Conversion Service

We specialise in providing a high quality Logo Redraw and Vector Conversion service at low cost and fast turnaround times. Once your logo has been redrawn into a vector format, you will then be able to use it for just about every purpose you can think of, with no more jagged edges to worry about! A vector image will remain razor sharp no matter how large you scale it up.

Why do I need my logo redrawn into vector?

Usually you would require your logo to be in a vector format if the logo is to be placed onto products or items such as a vehicle, mugs, plaques, signage or large format banners. The added bonus of having a vector drawn logo is that it will always appear sharp at any size. For example, truck size!

Appearance is everything

Your corporate image is vital to your business and your company logo is the main graphic icon that represents everything about your company. You really want to avoid displaying a shabby pixelated version of your logo, as this may put off potential clients. If you take your business seriously then you should have a version of your logo in vector format so that it will look sharp and clean in all your marketing media. It doesn’t cost much!

Examples - Various Logos

Examples - Logos

Examples - Cars

Sketch redrawn to Vector

What is a vector image?

There are basically 2 main categories of image types. Raster images, such as a JPG, GIF, PNG or BMP or Vector images.
A raster image is made up of a grid of tiny pixels. Try zooming in close at a JPG photograph and you will see the individual squares that form the image.
A vector image is made up of a series of lines, curves and points based on mathematical equations. No matter how close you zoom in, you won’t see any pixels. A vector image will appear the same at any size.

What vector file formats will I receive?

We supply AI (Native Adobe Illustrator format), PDF and EPS files as standard. Other formats such as CDR (Coreldraw files) and SVG can be supplied upon request.