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The Client acknowledges that they shall be responsible for performing the following in a reasonable and timely manner:
(a) Coordination of any decision-making with parties other than ‘’;
(b) Final proofreading. In the event that The Client has received Deliverables but errors, such as, by way of example, not limitation, typographic errors or misspellings, remain in the finished product; The Client shall incur the cost of correcting such errors and also be responsible for costs such as, by way of example, not limitation, printing costs and advertising costs. You are not entitled to any damages, including consequential damages arising from any of the services offered by ‘’ or the owner(s) thereof. You agree to be limited to a refund up to the amount of any individual transaction.
(c) is not responsible for copyright verification of any uploaded images or files. You agree that any uploaded images or files are for your legal use, and you do not hold responsible in any way for copyrights or intellectual property rights of uploaded images or files.


2.1 Fees. In consideration of the Services to be performed by ‘’, The Client shall pay to ‘’ Design fees in the amounts and according to the payment schedule set in the Proposal, and all applicable sales, even if calculated or assessed subsequent to the payment schedule.
2.1 Invoices. Payment must be received from the client prior to receiving the final completed artwork files. This does not include the initial Free of charge proof. For regular customers who we are in agreement to pay on a monthly basis, invoices are payable within 30 days of receipt.
2.2 Project End. All deliverables shall be deemed complete once The Client has signed off the work or indicated satisfaction either verbally, in writing, via e-mail, post or other methods. If the Client fails to communicate with ‘’ for a period of more than 30 days without explanation, the project shall be deemed satisfactory and complete.