Guide to Choosing a Vector Conversion Service


When deciding to choose a Vector conversion service it can be very confusing as there are literally hundreds of companies to choose from online.

The services that these companies provide will vary greatly depending on your needs. This article is only referring to the manually redrawn vector conversion services, which is very different from the auto- tracing method. In general auto-tracing images are usually lower quality than manually drawn images. Although not in every case as this article JPEG to Vector explains in more detail.

Turnaround Times

Most companies will usually complete the job within 24 hours although some may take two or three days. So it would be advisable to ask upfront the turnaround time especially if you need the job done for a certain deadline.

There are quite a few companies based in Indonesia and India and therefore there can be a problem due to the time zone differences. You might request a quote and turnaround time but may not receive a response until at least 12 hours later which may be too late for your deadline. Although a lot of companies do provide a 24-hour service, so this is also worth checking out first, especially if you’re placing regular orders.


Firstly the prices can vary greatly from a couple of dollars to up to $200! for a logo redraw. This is based on our own research as since 1998 we have had to occasionally seek help by outsourcing work to help us out on very large projects. The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ does apply to a certain extent although we would suggest that you don’t need to pay over $25 for a ‘typical‘ logo. Obviously some logos can be very complex and so would be more expensive than $25 as they can be very time consuming. If you have a bulk order then it is always a good idea to ask for a discount.

Also before you place an order you will need to make sure that the payments methods are suitable for you. Most companies will take PayPal payments and offer prices in US dollars.

Should you pay upfront or after the job is complete? This can also vary. Our own method is to ask for payment upfront for new clients and if they become a regular client then we invoice them at the end of each month after we have sent the work.


Because these are manually hand drawn vectors, the quality can vary depending on the artists’ experience. You could always ask them to email you some previous vector image examples so that you can inspect the quality of their work. Or if you have a large bulk order you could ask them to just redraw a couple of images to start with to make sure the quality is good.

If you would like us to give you a free quote then please send your artwork through our contact page. We provide fast turnaround times, usually on the same day at low cost and we believe you will find our work to be of a very high standard.