Image to Vector Conversion

silhouette vector

1. Silhouette Style Vector Image

A basic vector drawn from the main outer shapes only in a silhouette
style. This format can be used for many different purposes, such as engraving or vehicle graphics.

Simple Black & White Vector

2. Basic vector including main shapes

Similar to above but includes some more detail, including only the main shapes. This is a single colour image often used for engraving and many other uses. This can also look quite effective as a logo design for company branding.

Vector Line Drawing

3. Vector Line Drawing

Simple line drawings are often used for specific uses such as engraving. The lines can be left ‘editable’ if requested, but we would normally ‘expand’ the lines to make sure it appears the same if resized. If left as stroke lines and the image is increased in size, the lines will remain the same thickness and so will appear thinner. The opposite would happen (lines appear thicker) if the image is scaled down. 

Vector illustration

4. Vector Illustration

A full colour vector illustration can be used for many different purposes. This is 100% vector and doesn’t contain any gradient or colour blend effects.

Lamborghini Aventador Vector

5. Vector Illustration with gradients

This is similar to the above but also includes gradient colours or colour blends. This is not 100% true vector as the gradient effects are actually raster effects. But this can still be resized without any loss in quality. The use of gradient shading can help produce a more realistic rendition.