Sketches redrawn into Vector

Sketches redrawn into Vector is another service we provide. So you can have your rough sketched logo or graphic redrawn and converted into a high quality vector format.  You may have an idea for your company logo but don’t have the skills to transform your idea into a professional quality vector drawn logo.

But, just about everyone can draw to some kind of reasonable level. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but obviously the more accurate you draw it then we will produce a better job to produce your logo how you need it. This will also make it quicker and cheaper for you.


We will make any obvious improvements from your sketch. For example, if your logo contains a circle, then it will be difficult for you to draw a perfect circle, so we would create a perfect circle in our redrawn version. The same applies to any wavy lines that are meant to be straight. We will use our common sense judgement and correct or improve any hand drawn irregularities.

Your Specifications

On the other hand, you may have a sketch that you want to appear ‘sketchy’ on purpose. That’s no problem as long as you let us know from the start how you need it drawn up.Any text can be redrawn exactly to your sketch, if you need it to look hand drawn. Or if you prefer, you can let us know a typeface you would like us to use.

High Quality

Once your logo has been redrawn it will be suitable for just about every usage you can think of and will be scale-able to any size and still remain sharp.

To get a quote, simply send us your logo sketch with any comments such as typefaces, colours to be used or anything else that will help us redraw your hand drawn sketch into a high quality vector drawn logo.

sketch to vector