Vectors for T-shirts and POD websites

POD (print on demand) websites are very popular these days and in particular for T-shirt designs. There are many POD sites such as Amazon Merch, Redbubble, Zazzle, Teespring and Society 6 to name but a few. Some of these require vector images and others high resolution PNG files. But either way, it’s always best to have a vector image file as a master image from where you can then resize without any loss in quality and match the exact size required by each POD site.

Because a vector image is made up of mathematical elements and not pixels, they will always appear razor sharp and so will be perfect for nice and crisp T-shirt designs. As there is a lot of competition on these sites, you will need to stand out from the crowd and so having a super sharp clean vector will be a big advantage to help your t-shirts sell better.

Not only will your images look great, but they can be easily edited such as changing colours and therefor creating further designs quickly and easily. With these types of POD sites it’s  a ‘numbers’ game, meaning you need to upload 100’s of designs to stand any chance of success. So making quick edits to create further variations or new designs can be a great help for your T-shirt POD business. 

Although we’ve only mentioned t-shirts, the same advantages apply to whatever product you are uploading to on these POD websites, some of them have hundreds of different products. So for example, you may have one great design that sells well on t-shirts, but the proportions of your design don’t really work too well on a lot of other products without some kind of alteration. Editing or changing a vector is much easier than trying to alter a pixel based image such as a PNG and quicker. 

If you are unable to create your own vector images or designs then we can help you by converting your images to high quality vectors at low cost and very fast turnaround times. Or even if it’s just to help you out temporarily while you are still practising drawing in and creating your designs in vector. 

Adobe Illustrator help

If you are starting to learn how to draw in Adobe Illustrator then we have a YouTube channel with tips and tutorials for drawing in vector using Illustrator. 

We try to produce at least one new video per week. (Link below). If you wish to get notified of new videos then just subscribe and hit the bell.




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