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How to order:

  1. Please send your artwork to us for a free quote using the order form on this page.

  2. If you agree to the price, please make the payment and we’ll proceed with the conversion.

  3. Within 24 hours (excluding weekends), we will email you a jpeg proof to check. We will make any further changes if necessary until you are happy.

  4. Once payment has been received and the proof approved we will email you the vector EPS file. (other vector formats can be sent upon request

Jpeg to Vector

We can convert your jpeg to vector format at low cost and completed within 24 hours, or usually on the same day. Very complex artwork may take longer.

A jpeg image format will become pixelated when the size is increased. Whereas a vector file format can be scaled up to ANY size and will always remain sharp. The most common types of image that are converted or redrawn into vector are logo graphics or other similar graphics. Photographic images are not usually suitable to be redrawn into vector, but will depend how complex the image.

If you only have your business logo as a jpeg image, it’s really essential that you have it converted into a vector format. This will then make your logo suitable to be used for just about every other purpose, therefor preventing any problems in future. For example if being used on signage, large banners or vehicle graphics.

jpeg to vector
image to vector

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